4 things to learn from Netflix’s localization strategy

April 5, 2022

Netflix is moving forward – and straight toward world domination. So far, and Netflix’s global streaming revenue has surpassed its domestic sales, thanks to its successful localization approach.

Many Netflix movies have become viral all over the world such as Squid Game, Money Heist, Stranger Things, etc. Netflix got it right by understanding its global customers and delivering content that appealed to them. So, in this post, we will look at the factors that contributed to Netflix’s successful growth around the world and give advice on how you can do the same with your company. Let’s get started.

Take Things slow

Although Netflix appears to have gained global success quickly, it began slowly and avoided a common mistake a lot of companies make when going global: set a high goal too soon. Globalization is a multi-step process that should be approached with caution.

For each different area, Netflix continued to learn and improve its localization strategy. This has led to phenomenal success in countries with different cultures and customs, such as India and Japan.

And the key point here is to take it slowly and search for a market that makes globalization easier to handle. Therefore, you should choose a country that is geographically close to you. It also has cultural similarities to avoid unnecessary challenges when learning how to work in a new environment.

You’ll be able to successfully develop into even the most difficult markets once you improve your localization ability.

Put Language First 

Although translation is only one part of localization, it is one of the most essential parts. You have no chance of success in any foreign market unless your consumers can fully understand your products or services.

It’s no surprise that Netflix not only provides subtitles and dubs but also ensures the design, customer care, etc are available in the target language.

In addition, when it comes to subtitles and dubs, Netflix pays more attention to user preferences. Netflix performs A/B tests and experiments to maintain authenticity in tone and language to get the best localization results.

It’s critical to know that language is essential for globalization. However, it shouldn’t take up too much of your time and hinder you from focusing on your product or service.

That’s why it is a good idea to invest in a system that can handle the translation workload and give the best localization results while you focus on your business.

Consider Transcreation 

Netflix’s original plan was to only sell pre-existing shows and movies but the growing original content has pushed them to the next level of localization.

Netflix was able to attract foreign audiences and easily broke into new areas by creating unique content that truly reflected the local culture.

Consider developing material specifically tailored to your target market to make your product/service more appealing to global consumers. Transcreation, unlike translation, requires re-imaging content for a target market, but it’s vital to keep the current tone, goal, and style.

This allows companies to appear more genuine in worldwide markets while remaining trustworthy to their brand character. 

Don’t Forget About The Design

What about visual factors like thumbnails from movies? Netflix is promoting the same movie or series to a wide variety of customers based on their viewing patterns with customized images.  

This method of displaying customized graphics is also a highly successful localization tool. Using visual elements that viewers recognize will increase their likelihood of engaging with the material.

Therefore, remember to localize your media assets as well as the text while translating your website. Because showing different graphics for translated pages can be complicated, a translation company like Wise Concetti that helps you to translate media assets will be useful.


It is clearly seen that localization plays an important role in the success of big worldwide corporations such as Netflix. Adapting your content to suit worldwide consumers, regardless of industry or size, is a strategy that will pay off and put you ahead of the competition.



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