6 Fascinating Indonesian Language Facts

September 15, 2021

Indonesia is famous for its wide range of thousand islands, that’s why it is required a lingua franca to effectively communicate, which is called Bahasa Indonesia. Although the Indonesian language has not yet become an international language in official forums like English, Spanish, or French, it becomes one the most widely used languages in the world. The number of foreigners learning the language has remarkably increased in the last two decades. If you are one of them, reading these Indonesian language facts will motivate your learning in Bahasa Indonesia.

6 Fascinating Indonesian Language Facts

The eighth language which has the most users

It’s a myth to think that users only speak Bahasa Indonesia in the country of Indonesia. According to a survey in 2014, the language ranked in the 8th position of the most widely used language in the world. With a total of more than 250 million users, Bahasa Indonesia was globally spoken in more than 45 countries.

WordPress’s the third most used language

WordPress has already been popular among those who frequently work with internet marketing. The multifunctional and easy-to-use features of this platform attract plenty of bloggers to produce some articles and publish them online. The Chief Executive Officer of WordPress Indonesia revealed that around 200 million Indonesian WordPress are created monthly. There are approximately 1.7 million Bahasa Indonesian blogs using this platform.

The second priority language in Vietnam

In December 2007, Bahasa Indonesia became the second priority language in Vietnam, after English, French, and Japanese. In order to develop and encourage the study of Bahasa Indonesia, various facilities in some universities have received support from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia. The assistance includes computer equipment, lectures, financial support for any activities in terms of promotion of the language in their respective university areas. Bahasa Indonesia also became a linguistic specialty in Hong Bang University, HCMC National University, and the University of Social and Humanities in Viet Nam.

Used as a daily language in Timor Leste

17 Years ago Timor Leste officially became a fully sovereign nation on May 20, 2002, closed the times being the 27th province of Indonesia. Since independence, although the official language is Portuguese and Tetum, this country cannot completely move on from Indonesia as the people still use Bahasa Indonesia in daily life.

Popular language in Australia

In 1994, less than 50 schools provided Bahasa Indonesia as a subject choice, after three years, in 1997, this number increased three times. Even some credible private schools in Australia Capital, Canberra, the Burgmann Anglican School make the language become a compulsory lesson for students.

30351 government school students studied Bahasa Indonesia, coming in second place after Italy, which had 33,741 students in 2016. Currently, the number of Bahasa Indonesia students surpasses the figure of Japanese or French, the next two most popular languages.

European football clubs provide Indonesian website version

Adding various language versions to the website is to boost the satisfaction of the visitors. As a vast number of Indonesians are big fans of European clubs so they offer Bahasa Indonesia language versions on their site, which rarely happens to Asian countries. Since not everyone can understand English so they find different ways to reach their potential customers by providing language services.

Those are six Indonesian language facts that might surprise you while learning about the country. If you discover any other interesting facts, let’s share them in the comment box below!


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