Agile Methodology: What It Is and How to Use It in Localization

There are many theories and methodologies for project management, in particular for localization. And agile is one of the best solutions to gain increasing popularity.…
June 9, 2022

4 Elements for a Successful Khmer Localization Project

Cambodia has attracted more and more attention from foreign investors over the years thanks to its favorable tax treatment, plentiful labor, and raw materials. To…
May 25, 2022

Top 4 Game Localization Mistakes

The global mobile game market is expected to grow throughout the years. According to statistics, it’s no surprise that there are countless mobile games aimed…
May 18, 2022

Website localization: 4 steps to get it started

Website localization is about adapting the content of an existing website to the local language and culture in the target market. It aims to suit a specific…
May 4, 2022
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